4 Myths Associated with High CBD Marijuana Debunked

Cannabinoid or CBD has been in the spotlight when it comes to medical research, popular media and legislation these days. Its existence has become quite prevalent on the shelves of dispensaries and search engine results for multiple medical ailments, but never believe everything on the internet. Certainly, CBD is super face because of its therapeutic features, but there are many myths associated with the same and we have debunked a few.

  1. CBD is for therapeutic purposes and THC is recreational

People claim that CBD never alters one’s consciousness. Studies claim that CBD impacts our psyche and in many advantageous ways. However, it never impairs physical or mental functions no matter how high the dosage is. One doesn’t need to suffer from serious ailment to make the most of the CBD and use it recreationally. We debunk the myth by claiming that THC also has some medicinal properties. But it is for sure that CBD never creates the high, and THC does. Hence it can be used for medicinal as well as recreational purposes. If you are looking for daily marijuana deals in Wheat Ridge, contact us today!

  1. CBD sedates

Older studies used to claim that CBD has some sedating effects, but the truth is, CBD actually alters the state of mind. CBD counteracts the sedative effects caused by THC, delays the sleep time and eliminates the THC high. This myth has come into being because marijuana high in CBD contains a significant amount of myrcene which is a potentially sedating terpene. Hence, the sedation.

  1. A little CBD is more than enough

Even if you are having high dosages of CBD, it would do nothing like THC. CBD is less potent than THC when it comes to relieving symptoms. Studies that use the high CBD marijuana to treat anxiety, schizophrenia and seizures, must have spent a fortune which is simply not cost effective for the consumers. But surely, lower doses of CBD can be much, much beneficial for the patients. They tend to feel more alert, focused and clear headed when they use 2 to 20 mg of CBD dominant marijuana.

  1. CBD is from the same hemp, medical marijuana or isolate

One molecule of CBD is the same no matter if it is from medical marijuana, hemp or a lab. But if you are wondering if many famous CBD products have the same effect when consumed, most likely not. CBD is surely remarkable, but it is the best when discussing the phytochemical components from the marijuana plant, particularly THC. When used together, CBD improves the therapeutic effects of THC while eliminating the intense effect. With low amount of THC, and a few more parts from the marijuana plant, you can make the most of the benefits bestowed by CBD on pain and inflammation.

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