Does Hair Transplant Work?

Hair transplant is a permanent procedure and the long-term effect is subject to certain conditions. For instance, it is known that the “newly transplanted hair” will fall off six weeks after surgery. This is a temporary thing because new hair will begin to grow out of the graft in six weeks.

What’s more, the transplanted hair will thin over time. That means you will require a surgical touch-up after the initial procedure if you desire to create natural-looking results. That explains why after you have done the initial transplant you may want to go back again for more. On average people have 3 to 6 hair transplants in their life. The second procedure is done after you have healed from the initial cuts.

What is a Hair Transplant?

It is a cosmetic procedure done for someone who needs more hair because of the balding or thinning. The produce involves taking hair from a scalp or donor site. The Part of the scalp isn’t controlled by the male home androgens. Besides that, one may use hair from other parts of the body. Before one undergoes the procedures, initial preparations have to be made which include:

  • Trimming of the “donor area” to be short so that one can access them easily and remove the hair for transplant.
  • Plastic surgeon injecting a numbing agent into the scalp area.
  • Recovery of the wounds on the donor sites
  • Stitching of the harvested grafts.

After the initial preparations, we have the harvesting and transplant procedure which involves

the surgeon performing punch grafts, mini-grafts, micro-grafts, slit grafts on the patient.

If a patient has extensive balding flaps, tissue-expansion, and scalp-reduction procedures will be done by the surgeon.

Techniques for Hair Transplants

They are different techniques for hair transplants. Here are the most common techniques that surgeons do:

  1. Strip Harvesting: In this procedure, a surgeon will cut strips of tissues from donor areas and punch them on the bald areas. New hair will then grow from the bald spots
  2. Flap surgery: The procedure involves a surgeon covering large bald patches. One flap will have around 350 grafts. Most surgeons agree that this technique has excellent results compared to other hair transplant techniques.
  3. Scalp reduction/advancement flap surgery: In this procedure, a surgeon will pull hair from a hair-bearing scalp to fill a bald crown. The skin near the cut area loosens and pulls to form stitches.
  4. Single hair and slit grafting: If you want to create a frontal hairline, a surgeon will use the single hair and slit grafting. The slits will be made from the scalp using a needle. And then the surgeon will insert thin strips into the slits.
  5. Dilation: In this technique, a surgeon will insert dilators into your scalp to pave way for the insertion of micro-grafts. He will then punch holes into the thinned part.

If you need a hair-transplant-London, we have the best experts in our clinics that can assist you. Hair transplant is an area we fully understand and it is something you should not be terrified about.

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