Few Informative Tips about Dental Implants

Dental implant as the term suggests is a part of dental remedy to fix an artificial tooth in place of original one which may have been broken due to varied reasons. A metal post is surgically placed under the jawbone beneath the gum tissue which helps the dentist to place the replacement tooth or a bridge in that position. Dental implants are more preferred than bridges as they are easy to maintain oral hygiene.

What is involved in the dental implant procedure?

They are the stable support provider to customised teeth replacing the original teeth. Even dentures and bridges mounted on implants never shift from the position. For few people, dentures and bridges will not be suitable. They may have issues like soreness, weak ridges or gagging which may shift its position. Dental implant doesn’t need the help of adjacent teeth to hold down the new teeth.

However every person can’t have dental implants. To have the dental process done, the gums need to be healthy and require bone to support the implant. You need to visit your dentist once a month at least to keep the dental implant healthy otherwise there are chances of it getting loose or broken.

Mainly two types of dental implants are done by skilled dentists.

  • Endosteal implants: They are surgical implant done under the jaw bone. After the healing of surrounding gum tissues, a second surgery is performed to connect a post to the original implant to attach the artificial teeth. It is attached to the post singly, grouped on a bridge or denture.
  • Subperiosteal implants: This implant is done when there is bone loss in the jaw. A metal frame is fitted onto the jaw bone below the gum tissue. When the gum heals, automatically the frame gets fixed to the jawbone. The post of the frame protrudes out through the gums. In this kind of implant, the customised teeth are fixed on the post.

Dental implants have been mostly successful and helped the patients tremendously. They are able to eat and chew food with ease. The only matter to consider is to keep them healthy. Regular visit to a dentist and following the instructions posted on the website will help to take care of the implants will.

Before you visit a dentist for implants it will be helpful to know in detail about implantologie. You can know more details about this procedure by reading medical journals or browsing through sites of well known dentists.

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