How to Create your Own Skin Whitening Products

If you are an entrepreneur with a plan to enter the beauty & cosmetic industry, there’s a lot to consider. If your target group happens to be Asian, then skin whitening should figure high on your list of must-have products, and you will be very happy to learn that there are specialist manufacturers who have an impressive list of tried, tested and approved skin whitening products that can be packaged under your label.

Licensed Skin Whitening Cream Producers

You are only as good as the products you sell, and with the wealth of experience from a company that produces a brightening cream (also known as ผลิต ครีม ผิว ขาว in Thailand), you can access 5-star products that are tried and tested. This eliminates the costly exercise of R & D, and there are no licenses to obtain with this white label product, which has already been accepted and approved for sale to the general public.

Brand Packaging Integration

Of course, the manufacturer would help you to incorporate your branding and packaging, and they can produce to your requirements. You would probably need a considerable stock for your product launch, and can commission a number of free trial samples, which will be an integral part of your marketing strategy.

Essential Natural Ingredients

Every woman insists on using beauty products that have natural ingredients, with formulas that include ginseng root, something that aids the brightening process, while ginseng root coupled with bird’s nest cream also produces noticeable results.

Reducing Melanin

Melanin is a natural substance that is found in the skin, hair and the iris of the eye, and it is melanin that boosts the tanning process when our skin is exposed to the sun. Skin whitening creams reduce the amount of melanin the skin produces, thus affecting the skin’s ability to change to a darker colour, which is a natural defence against the sun’s rays, and with less melanin, the skin remains the same shade.

White Label Products

White label products are tried and tested and are already widely used in the industry, and by working with a white label manufacturer, you can have the best products integrated with your branding and packaging, to give you a very popular product line of products that work. This type of manufacturer would have an impressive list of clients, all with their own branding, and as the supplier is geared up for mass production, you will always be supplied with as much as you need.

Factory Visit

Once you have narrowed your online search down to a single company, arrange to visit their factory, where you will see first-hand the products and the processes, and you can begin the process of selecting the products to go into your line. Eventually an agreement will be reached and production can begin, then you can begin your marketing campaign, knowing you have top rated products.

Using a respected white label manufacturer allows you to launch a unique product line that is already tried and tested, and should you wish to make any changes at any time, this can be arranged.

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