How to Get Relief from Eye Strain Due to Computer Use

Nowadays most of us use computers and we may have to sit for hours in front of the computer screen as part of our daily job. As per the data available, about 50 to 90 percent computer users complain about eye strain or certain bothering visual symptoms.

I discussed this problem with an optometrist near me who suggested following steps to reduce the risk of any eye strain due to computer use.

  • Comprehensive eye examination must be done

One must do a routine comprehensive eye examination after a period of one year, so that you may take necessary treatment for any eye related problem. While undergoing your eye test, you must share with doctor, how much time do you sit in a day before the computer and how much distance you maintain from the screen.

  • Use right lighting in the room

Avoid working under very bright light when you are sitting with your computer. Also, make sure that outdoor sunlight is not coming to your room while working with the computer.

  • Minimize the glare

Make sure that the wall of the room is not too bright and prefer anti-glare screen on the computer. If you are wearing glasses then make sure that your glass is having anti-reflecting coating which reduces glare.

  • Upgrade your screen

If you are using old type of computer which has CRT display then replace it with LCD display that are used in most of the laptops nowadays. Also, choose display with better resolution.

  • Properly adjust the setting of your display

You must adjust the screen brightness so that you are comfortable to look and it should not look like a light source. Also, adjust the text size so that you can comfortably read. Black print of the text on white background is the best choice.

  • Blink more often

While working before computer you must blink time to time so that it can moisten your eyes and your eyes may not get dry.

  • Exercise your eyes

If you constantly focus your eyes before the screen then there can be fatigue developed on the eye. Therefore, you must engage in eye exercise as recommended by your eye doctor.

  • Take a break after sometime

To avoid, shoulder or back problem due to long hours of sitting in front of the computer you must take break during the working hours. Your discomfort will be drastically reduced if you take frequent break.

  • Consider using eyewear

Talk to your eye doctor to prescribe necessary eyewear for you.

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