Is ‘Keto Crotch’ Real? Here’s How to Handle Vaginal Odor Either Way

Keto crotch happens as an effect of keto diet or when you are low on carbohydrates. While you are restricting carbohydrates and putting on a strict food regimen, your body undergoes changes. Therefore, the keto crotch happens where a woman’s vagina smells. This may also happen during exercise and when your body is burning fat. Keto crotch has become a serious concern in most of the women in the United States. This can be addressed naturally and if the problem persists it is recommended that you must get medical help.

Causes of keto crotch

Let us understand in brief what is keto crotch? Keto crotch happens when our body is running low in glucose and there is an increased level of protein synthesis. As you burn fat and it gets replaced with muscle, you experience unpleasant vaginal odour. This is completely normal among healthy individuals and not at all alarming.

You may also experience keto crotch if you are having natural high metabolism and low estrogen. In this case, you may get it even if you are having carbs. While this is absolutely normal still there are certain natural ways that will help you to reduce it.

Natural treatments for vaginal odor


Needless to say, here diet plays a very important role. In order to reduce vaginal odour, you may cut some amount of protein consumption. Consult with your trainer before cutting it down. Also, it will be for a brief period of time as it will affect your weight in the long run. Additionally, you must drink plenty of water. Water will help flush out any toxins from your body and also regulate the body temperature. Have water frequently, so that you will pee frequently. Frequent urination also helps in reducing vaginal odor.

Maintaining pH balance

This is one of the most helpful methods to solve keto crotch. Every woman has a natural vaginal odor and this happens mainly because of different levels of pH. To maintain a healthy pH level, you must wash your vagina with a medicated vaginal wash. Most of the time these are available over the counter. Not only will it help in maintaining the ph level of the vagina but also eliminate the risks of having any vaginal infection. It is strongly suggested not to use any soap to wash your vagina as it disrupts the pH level and makes the area acidic its nature.

Bath and clean clothing

Nothing can replace the above mentioned. You must bath daily and wear clean clothes. If you are facing keto crotch it is advised that you must change your panties as and when required. Also, you should use panty liners and replace them periodically.

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