Acute torticollis or wry neck, terms used by clinicians to describe painful stiff neck due to which sufferers experience acute pain and difficulty in turning and moving head. Stiff neck may result due to sudden movement or jerking of head referred as whiplash, muscle spasm and awkward posture during sleep. Though with time and medications stiffness in neck gets over yet inadequately treated stiff neck cases may deteriorate further.  Continued neck stiffness despite medication may lead to secondary problems like cervical slipped disc, facet joint problem or undiagnosed cervical fracture

It is therefore imperative to get stiff neck treated from reputed pain management clinic Singapore  to protect your neck from secondary neck ailments. Specialist Pain International (SPI) has specialist orthopedists, neck specialists, physiotherapists, chiropractors and most caring nursing staff to manage patients suffering from neck pain.

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