Remember These Tips when you Go Into Indoor Bouldering

The popularity of bouldering gyms continues to increase as people recognise the benefits of the activities they offer. These gyms are friendly and comfortable environments that suit people who are getting started with bouldering and climbing. Beginners can learn the basics of bouldering here while experts can use the gyms as a social hub and place to train during the winter months. BlocShop in Montreal can help you get started. If you are planning to go into bouldering, here are things you should keep in mind:

Do not Forget to Warm Up

You will need a thorough warm-up so you can climb well and avoid injury. Warming up can take up to an hour before you will be ready to climb at your limit. The warm-up must include a pulse raiser, stretching, and climbing very easy problems.

Be Careful with Each Move

Many people think that both bouldering and climbing require great strength. However, they are techniques which determine how good a climber you become. In order to develop good habits, concentrate on techniques from the get-go. Before starting up a problem, figure out how you will climb it. Decide on the hand and foot holds you will use and in what order and put this plan into action.

Observe Other Climbers

Keep an eye on other climbers who are trying your problem. Although this can be useful to you, make sure you don’t copy their sequences. Every climber is different in terms of their strength, physical attributes, and weaknesses. This means that what works for them may not work for you. In bouldering, you need to find your own way. Taking on the challenge of solving a problem is part of bouldering and you will be satisfied if you can figure out a solution to your problem.

Pay Attention to Balance

Balance binds together all other aspects of bouldering. Excellent balance and body positioning let you move in a way that feels impossible to other climbers. Aim at climbing in a slow, controlled style. As you reach between holds, your body must stay still. Bouldering puts you in a situation when for the next hold is the right option. However, in case your body swings every thin you move your hands, focus on balance and body positioning.

Be Safe

Although indoor bouldering is safe, there are some things to keep in mind to ensure your safety. Make sure to warm up well. Do not walk or stand in the possible landing zone of a climber on the wall. While the majority of walls have great matting, always watch out for edges, gaps, or soft spots.

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