Some FAQ Regarding Bioidentical Hormones Answered

What Are Bioidentical Hormones?

Hormones are referred to as special chemicals formulated by the body parts called glands. They are the messengers that tell other body parts when and how to work. Hormones tend to control all the tasks of the human body. These also include sex and brain functions, the growth as well as breakdown of food. When hormones are unbalanced, you might see many symptoms cropping up.

Bioidentical hormone  are referred to as manmade hormones that are very identical to the naturally secreted hormones. The commonly matched hormones found are estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. These are used as treatment on people who have unbalanced hormones. Some are prescribed which are pre-made by a drug company and others are custom made which are made on the basis of a doctor’s order. These custom made hormones are called compounded hormones. These hormones are not tested and approved by the FDA.

How common are bioidentical hormones?

Using compounded hormone is very common in the US, especially for women in menopause. According to a study, around 1.4 million women are using this very treatment.

How are these hormones given?

There are many ways to obtain bioidentical hormones. They come in the forms of patches, pills, gels, creams, implanted pellets, and shots. Your doctor will prescribe the best method for you.

How does the doctor determine my dose?

People on hormonal treatment are monitored closely by their doctors. Doses are determined on the basis of patient’s symptoms and needs, with the gist to keep the dose minimum to achieve the goal. Depending on the doctor, you may have to get your blood, urine or saliva tested routinely to check your hormone level. Your doctor may also adjust the dose on the basis of your changing hormonal need.

Are bioidentical hormone safe for use?

These hormonal treatment has been approved by the FDA for safety. They have successfully passed their stringent standards and have been proven safe for people to use. However, the compounded hormones haven’t gone through the FDA screening yet. Not much research has been conducted on the same. Yet, they aren’t proved safe or unsafe for use.

Is using compounded hormones bad?

There are many risks associated with using compounded hormones. But, many times, they are a better choice. They need to get the right source or dose or a mix of hormones for a patient. A patient may also have a bad reaction to this. Let your doctor decide the dose for you.

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