Tips to Keeping Medicines Durable and Safe with the Right Packaging

Pharmaceutical industries need to be careful when it comes to medical packaging. Medicines are a part and parcel of our everyday life. Medicines come with a lot of specification and often need to be sterilized before packaging.

Nature of the Medicines for Packaging

Not all medicines require the same type of packaging. The nature of the medicines also plays a crucial role here. Many pharmaceutical companies prefer cardboard boxes for their packaging as this keeps the medicines safe while in transit from one place to another.

Many a time polymer or aluminum packaging can also be considered for sealing medicines to protect them from direct sunlight or water. Many pharmaceutical companies like to go in for custom packaging in order to increase their brand image.Polymer packaging helps prevent contamination and protect against light and moisture. It also helps in the proper circulation of air. Aluminum packaging can be mostly seen on tablets or for powders. The reason being, it can easily protect the contents from heat, moisture and light.

Another advantage to go in for custom medicinal packaging is that it becomes easier to distinguish different types of medicines. Kids often hate taking medicines, but seeing customized medicine boxes with vibrant colors or their favorite cartoon characters can motivate them to take medicines.

If you are into the pharmaceutical business and would like to save on costs, you can make your own medicine boxes with the right materials. These boxes are easy to make. You can check out tutorials or videos that can guide you to make unique boxes for your medicinal products.

Cardboard boxes can also be used for storing the medicines or devices. Ensure that the boxes are securely sealed and meet the safety standards. You can even purchase customized boxes in bulk through wholesale suppliers.

Labeling the Medicines is Important

Medicines are meant to improve your health. This is the reason, why every medicine needs to be labeled properly. Proper labeling should include:

  • The product codes
  • serial number
  • generic name
  • name of the pharmaceutical company
  • batch number
  • expiry date
  • instructions for use
  • dosage
  • caution and safety instructions
  • Safety warning for children and pets
  • Price of the medicine

The font should be easily readable. If the medicine is sold as a sample or trial, then clear instructions must be written stating that the product cannot be sold lose or is not for resale.


Packaging cannot be taken lightly in the pharmaceutical industry. In order to maintain the reputation of the company and considering the safety of the customers every detail must be carefully examined and reviewed.

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