What You Need To Know About Dietary Supplements

These days a lot of people take supplements. Whether to help get results or to make that snack between meals, the fact is that the consumption of supplements has increased. This is mainly because people are learning about them and losing their fear of experimenting. First, remember that supplements do not have anything to do with anabolizers.

So, let’s describe each of the leading supplements on the market, so you can stay in the know when people talk about it:

Protein (Or What The Class Calls “WHEY PROTEIN”)

Not all protein is Whey Protein, ok? Whey Protein is whey protein. Anyway, these protein-only supplements are an excellent way to add protein to our diet. It serves as much for those who want to gain muscle mass as for those who want to keep the weight or even lose weight and define their muscles. It can also be taken between meals or after weight training. Oh, there are protein bars too.

They serve the same thing; however, their proper absorption will depend on correct chewing, which, let’s face it, is very difficult. Better to drink, lol.


They can be liquid, powder, or gel (my favorite). Serve to give the energy to train. Exercising without an adequate supply of carbs will make you perform less well.


Very useful to improve performance in heavier weight training. It has been much researched and showing promising results for those who want to increase muscle mass. Side effects of long-term use are still not very clear, so it is good to control usage and take periodic breaks (suggestion: monthly break every quarter).

Hypercaloric (Popularly Nicknamed “MASSA”)

They are sold in powder form and contain carbohydrates and proteins. Some are fortified with vitamins and minerals. Depending on the case, they can work as a meal replacement. It is handy for those who want to gain muscle mass. Including two high-calorie meals, a day between the three main meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) is an excellent way to gain weight without gaining body fat.


They have an advantage: they speed up the metabolism, make us expend more calories at rest, and give us extra “gas” in training. However, it has many disadvantages and can be overlooked. Any result you want can be achieved without the use of thermogenic.

BCAA, Glutamine, And Other Amino Acids

They are present in many hypercaloric and protein supplements. They are sold separately too by snac sports nutrition supplement. Although many people swear, they get results with them, studies are still unclear about the effectiveness and side effects of supplementing these amino acids alone.

The main thing is: be patient and read the nutritional information always. This will teach you to compare different supplements and know what you’re buying. Buying cheap brands can often also be a bad idea. Prefer well-known manufacturers that have a phone or email for you to call in case of problems. Good training and good supplementation.

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