A Quick Guide to the Cost of Lip Injections in Toronto

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to have your pout shaped a little differently than the one your mama gave you. If you have the money and the guts to do it, go for it! One of the most hyped cosmetic lip treatments currently is lip injection or lip augmentation. It is considered a minimally-invasive treatment and is therefore safe. Many (especially women) also love the fact that the results are temporal. This means you can go back to your original pucker if you so wish.

Today, let’s delve into the subject of lip injections—what they are and most importantly, how much money do you need to have your lips plumped or smoothed out.

What Are Lip Injections?

A lip injection is a cosmetic procedure done to increase volume and wipe out lines from lips. The injected elements are called fillers and are gel-like substances made from FDA-approved products that are safe for the body. The most common fillers in the current world contain Hyaluronic acid—a type of sugar naturally occurring in the human body.

As mentioned before, it is not a permanent treatment. Typically, results of lip augmentation treatments last for about six to nine months. If you want to maintain your new lips, you will need to be injected with lip fillers every six months or so.

What is the average cost of lip injections in Toronto?

Expectedly, the cost of lip injections in Toronto varies. The main reason for this difference is the fillers used. Some of the fillers are more expensive than others. The two most common ones, Juvederm and Restylane, cost about the same in many of the Toronto cosmetic clinics. In most cases, Restylane comes in two syringe sizes hence if your focus is to treat a small area, using a smaller size of the fillers could be the least expensive option. For example, if you are looking to treat just the smile lines on your lips, you would do well with one or two syringes. This will cost you about $450 – $600.

Compared to Juvederm, Radiesse filler is more long-lasting and therefore more expensive. This often costs about $1,000 per syringe. Furthermore, if you don’t mind the good old collagen product fillers, your pocket might thank you for it as these have been known to be the cheapest options in the market. The most common one in this category, Cosmo Derm, will set you back only $400 per treatment.

Factors Affecting Lip Injections Costs In Toronto

There are a few things that affect the price of a lip filler treatment in Toronto. These include the following:

  • The credentials of the medical practitioner (this could be a cosmetic dermatologist or plastic surgeon)
  • The specific type of filler used
  • The expected cosmetic goals of the patient
  • Any special promotion and discounts of the practice

To get the actual price of lip injections, consult your Toronto cosmetic dermatologist who will give you a breakdown of the costs involved and best and affordable option that suits your needs.

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