How to Save Money on your Spa Visit

You visit a spa to get well-relaxed muscles and glowing skin. But, it is easy to splurge on spa services, if you don’t plan for your spa vacation. Despite the varying services available at spas, there are many ways you can save money on your vacation. Here’s how:

Choose a Package to Book

When you visit a spa, one treatment may not be enough. Fortunately, spas usually provide packages of their treatments which reduce the prices of their individual services. Thus, choose a spa that offers packages that include the treatments you want at a fraction of their original price when you get them individually. Find great packages at

Choose Day Rates

Visiting a destination spa on a weekend or spending a week there might leave you paying more than what you have budgeted for. Thankfully, a lot of spas provide day rates if you just want to have a taste of the bliss. As you consider the pricing, keep in mind that destination spas provide more than treatments. Often, they also offer healthy meals, amenities, and organised activities. Think about visiting on quieter midweek days.

Compare Rates

Spas vary in their rates. You will have to pay more when you choose famous destinations and central locations. Typically, there is no need to compromise on the experience or quality when you book a hotel slightly off the beaten path. However, you will enjoy better prices. Shopping around will help you find great spa deals and rates.

Think about Visiting an Activity or Fitness Spa

There is always a possibility to find cheaper treatment rates at fitness spas if you work for it. Usually, these spas are geared less toward relaxation or luxury but you still get them. At a lot of destination spas, you may have to spend up to $400 per night and spend just about $250 per night at fitness spas including meals, accommodations, exercise and hiking classes, and spa treatments.

Take Advantage of Deals and Specials

Local deal and private sale websites may be offering a bit discount off certain spa treatments. These are things you want to take advantage of if you want to have an affordable spa experience. On websites that provide hotel stays, you may find deals at destination spas. Also, you may be able to find last-minute and limited-time specials. A lot of facilities provide these to keep their customers coming. To make sure you don’t miss out on these deals, sign up for the spa’s email letters.

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