Five Tips when Choosing a Cannabis Strain

Are you in the mood for a trip to a local dispensary to buy some cannabis? If so, you should know that you will have many options out there. Do you know what strain to choose? To help you make the right pick and get the right strain for you, consider the tips below:

Be Aware of the Various Kinds of Marijuana Strains

Indica and sativa are the two main kinds of cannabis strains. Indica strains provide relaxing effects while sativa offers energy and make you want to do something. But, you can also find hybrid strains that are made by combining both indica and sativa strains. Recently, the strain called Jack Herer is getting more attention than before. This is the ideal strain if you are looking for an uplifting but potent psychoactive buzz.

Keep in mind that every strain does something different. A number of strains boost concentration while others provide an energy boost. Other strains make you feel sleepy while others stimulate your appetite. Determine the kind of strain you want before you visit a dispensary.

Know your Tolerance

Evaluate your experience in terms of cannabis use. In case you are new to marijuana, look for a strain that is low in THC and high in CBD to get all the expected benefits without losing your mind. However, if you have been taking cannabis for a while and need a stronger strain, look ones that have higher amounts of THC.

Decide on your Preferred Smell

If you are looking to smoke your cannabis, look for a strain that smells good to you. Keep in mind that every strain has a different smell. A number of strains may come with fruit and sweet odors while others can smell earthy and skunky. Decide on which aroma suits you.

Ensure It is Available

Some cannabis strains may not be available online but they can be found in your local dispensary. Others might be more or less popular in your area. Thus, you must find out the local cannabis growers in your area and know the kinds of strains the produce. This will ensure your desired strains are available and that you may get them fresher.

Take Time to Examine their Cannabis Products

Once you are inside a dispensary, take your time checking out strains and cannabis products. Although you might have done your research about certain strains and products, you must examine them closely. Choose marijuana with a vibrant green color with visible trichome crystals that cover it.

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