How to Avoid Infection and Get the Best Piercing for You

Although a typical ear piercing is relatively pain- and risk-free, as you start to explore other areas of your ear and around your body, your experience can get a bit more complicated. Aside from being an art, piercing is a major change in your body so it must be completed with care. To avoid infection and ensure you get the best piercing for you, consider the tips below:

Do your Homework

You must know the kind of piercing you can see yourself wearing and loving. You can find great options through social medial. Explore Instagram to find plenty of inspiration images with interesting placements and jewelry options. Thus, before scheduling an appointment with a piercing studio, get an idea of what you like first. Also, check out the salon and read reviews.

Choose the Right Piercing Jewelry for You

Piercing is an art to style jewelry to your body. You must take metal into account and pick the most flattering piece to your skin. Also, you must see if you there are moles, scars, or non-proportional facial or ear features. This will help you choose the piece of jewelry that can cover up or detract from the gaze of the viewers. In addition, think about previous piercing placements and angles and choose jewelry to make an old piercing location look deliberate.

Think about the Long Game

Body piercings can be quite addictive but you must think ahead. It is important to curate your ear. Your piercing jewelry must be layered in a way that fits well with the anatomy of your ear, looks deliberate, and matches your personal look. In fact, it also has to tell a story. Experts recommend getting one three to four piercings in one sitting on one ear. This way, will prevent delay in healing by taxing your body too much. When deciding where to get pierced in, consider things like the side you usually sleep on since sleeping on a newly pierced area can hinder the healing process.

Be Aware of Healing Times

As you get a new body piercing, it is important to be fully prepared for the healing process. Expect healing to take longer than you originally expected. For instance, rook piercing can take 12-18 months, nipple piercing takes 8-12 months, and nostril piercing takes 6-1 months. Take healing time seriously to avoid infections and listen to the advice of your piercer.

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