Here’s Everything You Should Know about CBD Entourage Effect

Alternative medicine is dependent on the entire plant for medicinal reasons instead of isolating it or producing the active ingredient in a lab. In the world of pills and quick fixes, curing with cannabis is a way to go. Evidence has been mounting up proving that these substances are better in healing. This phenomenon is referred to as the entourage effect that results when components in cannabis interact with human body to evoke a stronger influence. It is more of a synergistic effect.

In order to comprehend the subject, notice the human interactions. Everyone possesses a unique gift that drives their lives forward. And when you meet another soul, you find another unique gift in them. Hence, when partnerships are done between two people, abilities combined, achievements can be accomplished which were once deemed impossible. When multiple compounds in nature are combined, you end up with a compound with a multiplying effect. The various compounds tend to amplify each other’s chemistry, rendering the plant more effective and fixing the unwanted symptoms. The entourage effect becomes certain when comparing the THC with using the whole plant.

When THC was found, experts expected it to work just like using the entire cannabis plant. But they found that many preferred to use the entire plant and hence the realization that there are more active compounds found in the plant than the THC. There are beyond 85 cannabinoids found apart from THC that relieves the user. On the contrary, CBD modulates the THC effect. Cannabis plant is proven to be containing more THC than CBD that renders the user high.

But specially bred cannabis consists of roughly equal amounts of THC and CBD that are proven the most effect in curing the pain. Researchers have claimed that the ratio of THC to CBD is essential to ascertain the efficacy of the cannabis for medicinal purposes. If using the entire plant is effective that the specially bred, then why not use the whole plant?

This is because of the regulations established by the country among other obstacles such as:

  • Poor quality control that leads to contaminated, less effective, adulterated or unsafe herbal products.
  • The FDA doesn’t monitor the herbal medicine as it does for medicines.

  • The potency of botanical products has inconsistent levels, as the surroundings and weather conditions impact the crops every year.
  • Botanical plants never undergo standardization because of ignorance and belief that all the components lead to therapeutic effect.

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