Tips to Uncover Great Spa Deals and Discounts

Before you join a health club, you need to determine what is crucial to you like –

  • A luxurious environment
  • A familiar therapist
  • A reasonably priced wellness holiday

There are myriads of spa deals available at variety of health clubs. For self-care you can find some great ways to dig up great massage deals on Storm-spa in Quebec.

Sign for health club newsletter

Spa-goers can subscribe the email newsletter to get notification about the latest exclusive offers and deals. Fortunately, you can even get coupon codes inside the email, which you just need to print and bring it during your visit for treatment. Subscribing can also get you know about seasonal specials and package offers in advance.

Check on social media

Several spas are very active on social channels. They post all the special seasonal offer and deal updates. Like their official page and be first to read about the latest discounts, deals and packages.

Become a member

A frequent spa-goer interested in getting body treatments or facials or massages on monthly basis can discuss it with the spa’s owner about membership. There are spas that offer memberships at different levels, which offer a single or two treatments every month along with discounts on other services. It can help to save on total beauty treatment cost every month. You can even try some good massage or therapies every season.

Ask for group rates

If you are planning girlfriend getaway including 5 or more girls then call the health club manager to see if they offer discounts on group services.

Ask for off-peak rates

Some spas charge low rates during hours and days that have low demand like early morning hours or from Monday to Thursday. Certainly, you can get best full body massage treatment deal.

Join reward programs

Several spas conduct loyalty programs. They reward regular clients with free massage after a tenth one. This means you get around 10% discount on every massage. Moreover, you can go whenever it is convenient.

Look for small day spas

Small day spas charge less because they only offer facial or massage without other frills and glitz like the large resort spas.

Travel offseason

For a spa vacation, you plan offseason because prices drop dramatically. If you plan to spend time indoors like listening to lectures or going to yoga classes or getting body treatment then it doesn’t matter if the outdoor weather is blazing hot or snow driven.

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