How do you find a finance staffing agency?

Are you looking for a staffing agency to fill positions at your finance company? It is true that finance staffing agencies can help you find employees that are hard to find on your own. But how do you find the best finance staffing agency? Please consider the following points:

First, ask about the types of jobs the finance staffing agency handles. Some companies may focus on finding temporary finance workers when there is seasonal work, but others help people find full-time finance jobs. In fact, many companies now go straight to finance staffing agencies and do not even put their job openings online.

Second, understand how the finance staffing company finds candidates. You want to work with a company that hand-selects a candidate and matches them to an ideal finance job. That way you will get the best possible candidate from the pool of workers they have on file.

Third, make sure they deal with the level of employees you are after. If you are looking for manager-level finance professionals, you do not want to work with a staffing agency that mostly staffs entry-level finance workers. You can waste your time and money if you are looking for executive-level employees and that company does not usually work with that level of professional.

Fourth, the finance staffing company should provide resources to job candidates to help them become better candidates. They should offer mock interviews and cover letter and resume help to their candidates. That way you have an easier time figuring out who the best candidates are for your jobs based on their resumes and interview skills.

Fifth, check to ensure the finance staffing agency has a long record of success. You should ask for the success rate the company has in placing finance professionals in jobs. If the job seekers end up leaving the company within a year, that is a sign that the staffing agency is not doing its job. Placed finance professionals should be happy in their jobs and stay on for the long term.

Sixth, see if the staffing company goes out and contacts potential financial job candidates. A proactive company spends time finding good candidates for your positions. They do not simply collect resume of people who contact them.

With these key ideas in mind, you should be able to find good finance employees for your company.

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