How To Prepare For A Cataract Surgery

If you were diagnosed with an advanced cataract, you would have to remove those cloudy lenses for clearer vision. Although it is necessary to undergo surgery, people often feel nervous and conscious, as they don’t know what to expect.

Unlike traditional surgery, cataract affecting the eyes can be a little more complicated. Though there is no pain or discomfort involved as such, the surgery involves your vision. Hence, the stress to get back to normal vision prevails.

Always go to an experienced doctor to remove a cataract. A skilled ophthalmologist can perform this rather intricate surgery with a lot of care and precision, which is important.

Before you start preparing for cataract surgery, make sure you discuss the terms with a lawyer. It is only for the safety of the patient in case of an unforeseen circumstance after the surgery. Shouse Law Group has an expert team of personal injury lawyers to handle such cases.

Before The Surgery

  • Consult the surgeon regarding the medicines that you are taking. You may have to stop taking blood thinners before surgery.
  • Have someone beside you 24 hours post-surgery. Prepare that person.

Patients coming for cataract surgery should have an adult escort from the family.

Know Your Expectations

Firstly, cataract is the most common problem with the eyes. It is also the most frequently conducted eye surgery. It is considered a safe surgery with limited or no complications. However, chances of complications increase if the patient has some other eye disease or a medical condition.

Secondly, be clear about the recovery process. While some patients get back their improved vision within a few days, others may take longer. The eyesight may be blurry for some patients, with mild discomfort and itchiness. Do not rub your eyes.

Immediately after the surgery, colors are likely to appear brighter. You should use a protective shield or an eye patch for a few days.

Understanding The Procedure

While a surgeon may follow different ways to approach a cataract, the procedure is the same. The surgery breaks down the cloudy lens, removes it, and insert an artificial lens, also called an intraocular lens (IOL).

Cataract surgery is done in two ways – traditional method and laser cataract surgery.

Your suggestion would suggest the best-suited option for you depending on the cataract and related medical conditions.

Both procedures are extremely effective in removing the cataract and give you clear vision.

Some Specific Guidelines

As you prepare for cataract surgery, you have to follow a schedule:

  • 3 Days before Surgery: Stop taking blood thinners at least 3 days before the surgery unless the surgeon clears you to continue.
  • 7 Hours Before Surgery: Stop eating or chewing anything at least 7 hours before the surgery.
  • On the Day of the Surgery: Patients receive cataract evaluation results. In extreme cases, an ultrasound of the eyes may be done, however, exact measurements of the lens are needed.

On the day of the procedure, dress lightly and avoid wearing heavy perfume and makeup. Arrive for the surgery on time. Understand the surgeon’s instructions carefully to speed up recovery and get back to life.

For any complications or worse, consult a personal injury lawyer.

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