How does Tattoo Removal Process Work and How Long does it Take?

A major chunk of tattoo removal calls for multiple treatments. Tattoo removal professionals will compare your tattoo with the help of Kirby Desai Tattoo Removal Scale. This helps in determining on how many treatments it would need to get the tattoo removed. This is because there are variations in every skin tone, type and ink used in the tattoo. Sometimes, the removals may take 5 sessions and even 15, but the treatment lasts for mere seconds only.

You can continue with your activities soon post treatment of Tattoo removal in Phoenix, ensuring that the area is not scratched or rubbed. If your skin is exposed to the sun, then you need to cover it to avoid sunburn until the affected area has been healed. Essentially, pay heed to all the instructions your doctor say. They are also subject to change on the basis of treatments to make sure you have the best results.

How does it work?

The laser energy subjected to the tattooed area for a fraction of second. With the advanced technology, the energy now passes harmlessly via the outer layer of the skin and directly targets tattoo ink.

The laser breaks down the tattoo ink into micro particles that your body breaks down on a natural basis and absorbs it away. The laser used by the professionals selectively targets the tattoo ink pigment with no damage to the nearby skin areas. The outcome obtained is successful and the tattoo is removed safely with minimal discomfort. You may need a series of treatment and the average treatment calls may range from 20 seconds or two minutes.

Bored of your tattoo or is it not cool anymore?

Are you reconsidering your tattoo? Not in that close touch with that particular person anymore? Are you recently divorced and not wanting your ex’s name on your chest? No matter what the reason, tattoo removal expert can get rid of almost any tattoo from any part of your body with ease and safety. How you do ask? Nowadays, tattoo removal clinics are equipped with a revolutionary laser system that can eradicate a tattoo completely in 5 to 15 treatments.

Laser Treatment versus cream

Tattoo removal creams take approx. 6 months to fade the ink away. Sometimes it even fades away significantly in 3 months and sometimes even 18! On the contrary, laser removal is quick method to get the tattoo removed in 5 sessions at minimum. Many people tend to use both which reduces the number of sessions.

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