3 Types of Vapes You Must Have Come Across

Before getting acquainted with the types of vapes, let’s learn about the components of vape:

  1. Battery: it acts as a source of energy to power up the atomizer
  2. Atomizer: it is a component that heats and turns the e-liquid vapor
  3. E liquid: visit us for the best vape juice

No matter how advanced the vape is, they will always have the aforementioned components.

Types of Vapes

Vape mods

These devices are known for its firepower and personalization features. These vapes are used for more clouds. Because of its mainstream adoption and availability, there are many designs to choose from.

Types of vape mods

  1. Regulated

They come equipped with a circuit board inside them. They integrate safety and customizable features like wattage, variable voltage, and temperature control.

  1. Unregulated

They don’t come equipped with features like regulated mods. In other words, there is no electric circuitry involved to protect the users from any kind of malfunction. It just contains a battery, atomizer and a case to keep them in place.

Vape pen

They are cylindrical and are available in many styles. They have a better battery power and cloud protection. They are now famous in cannabis department because of its vape flavor, concentrates and oils.

Types of vape pen

  • Fixed voltage: these devices have a consistent voltage output, means you don’t need to mess with the settings as it comes with a single option that is firing the button.
  • Tube mods: the most common type of vape pen.
  • Variable voltage: this helps in personalizing the vaping experience. Here you can increase or decrease your voltage to experiment with flavor intensity, cloud protection and throat hit.
  • Variable temperature: here the power is automatically adjusted on the basis of the temperature set by the user by automatically adjusting to the coil resistance in the vaping device to prevent the dry hits.


You may have seen them at gas stations and are used as a vaping device for beginners. They are called cig-a-likes because they look like a real cigarette. This is how e-cigarettes came into being. The gist was to mimic the smoking experience very closely to make the transition from smoking to vaping smooth.

Types of cig-a-like:

  1. Disposable: they come with pre-filled eliquid
  2. Refillable: here you have to manually fill the cartomizer with e-liquid.

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