Plastic Pallets for Materials Handling in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Manufacturers and distributors in the pharmaceutical industry should take precautions to ensure the safety of their products and protect their customers. They need to have safe handling practices to maintain compliance with FDA regulations. Picking the material handling equipment is a significant decisions pharma companies have to be made to prevent warehouse and storage contamination. Fibertech’s material handling solutions guide can give you more insights.

Fortunately, hygienic plastic pallets and other related equipment have been introduced to promote a cleaner, more sanitary work environment and boost productivity. This pharmaceutical handling equipment is ergonomically designed to facilitate important tasks while protecting workers from injuries which result in costly downtime.

Why Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets offer a more hygienic alternative to wood in areas like production environments and clean rooms. They can withstand frequent handling and won’t deteriorate as quickly as wood. Because even plastic pallets can accumulate dirt and debris, providers should provide state-of-the-art washing equipment which will meet their client’s sterilization requirements while saving time and reducing the need to do the task manually.

Plastic pallets are available for lightweight to heavy-duty use. They are molded and thermoformed as well as available in a wide range of configurations and styles. Also, being made in one solid piece, plastic pallets don’t have the weak spots that their wooden counterparts have. Because of this, they are less likely to buckle under a heavy load. Also, picking plastic pallet over wood eliminates nails in the construction along with the risk of splinters.

While plastic pallets often have a higher initial cost, the cost per trips is significantly lower because of the durability. They will easily last at least 100 trips. But, recent prices of plastic pallets have become comparable to wooden pallets because of increased usage and technological advances.

Choosing the Right Plastic Pellet Provider

Pharma companies can pick many pharmaceutical handling equipment providers. But, the best provider takes a problem-solving approach to the sales process. They are aware of the steps involved in the processing, packaging, and shipping of pharmaceutical products that can post a risk for introducing contaminants. This is the reasons they have to ask their clients of some questions to help them understand their unique material handling challenges.

A good provider of material handling solutions should pay attention to the quality of the product they offer to deliver the results that their customers expect. Their equipment is tested to make sure it meets their standards for dependability, durability, and performance.

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