What are the Most Effective Ways of Using CBD Honey?

Gone are the days when hemp was only used by the means of smoking or chewing on the leaves. But as the time went by, people found many ways to ingest hemp into their body. Currently, there are more than 10 ways to use this compound creatively. One of them is mixing the hemp with honey. For decades, honey is deemed as a cure to treat many ailments. Not many could think of mixing hemp and honey into one. Because of its versatile nature, CBD honey can be used in many ways. Here are the top ways of using CBD honey.

  1. Food dressing

CBD honey can be used to make a healthy food dressing. Healthy yet cheap food dressings are truly a rare sight. But when you have a jar of CBD honey, you can render your food dressing healthy, tasty and cheap as well. In order to make your food dressing, all you have to do is mix CBD honey, olive oil and balsamic vinegar into a dressing bowl. Now, add some salt to taste, spices, seasonings and any other condiment and mix them well. Your food dressing is ready and can be used to eat pasta, breads, salads, and any other food of choice. If you want to buy CBD honey jars online, visit us.

  1. Sports drink

One of the interesting ways to use CBD honey is to make a sports drink out of it. Instead of chugging down on an unhealthy sports drink, you can easily make a cup of CBD honey sports drink. It renders your body energized after a vigorous exercise. Just blend some lemon and lime juice into 2 spoons of CBD honey, water, and sea salt and you are done! You can serve this sports drink hot or cold and can also use this as a pre-workout for an extra boost of energy.

  1. Facial mask

Besides eating CBD honey, you can also use it on your skin in other ways. This can be used as a facial mask to help you moisturize your skin and also get rid of blemishes. CBD honey facial mask can be made by combining equal parts of CBD honey and coconut oil. Now, apply this mask to your face and leave it for about 20 minutes. Then you can rinse it off with water and let it dry. This mask also gets rid of acne from your face without ruining the new cells. When you use this mask frequently, you will get a healthy skin.

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