Poultry Hygiene Processes

Poultry health on a farm takes a clean concept, dedication, and accuracy of implementation. Working with a livestock health company with a wide range of poultry health products that have been developed over many years will help you to maximise cleanliness and hygiene levels on your poultry farm. With this you can ensure higher levels of health, higher levels of productivity on the farm, and higher profits in the end. Everything is a process, with individual tasks and cleaning and disinfection products used in ways that help to improve the health of the entire farm and of all poultry, whilst minimising risk of infection and spread of disease.

It is important to understand the basics of the poultry hygiene process and this can begin with how to use the right poultry disinfectant to effectively clean and disinfect chicken coops. In a professional poultry environment, the coop is likely to be built from smooth materials that make it much easier to wash and clean, reducing the risk of mites, lice, and other pests. It is vital that you secure a professional livestock health company to supply the highest quality of poultry health products such as disinfectant to ensure that the levels of cleanliness and hygiene or at a consistently high level. The higher the number of chickens the higher the chances of infection and a spread of infection. You must be prepared to do all that you can to minimise those risks.

Another potential source of pathogens in chicken coops is the drinking trough system, and again great care must be taken to clean and disinfect these systems on a regular basis using the highest quality of disinfectant and other poultry health products. With long pipes, the suitable temperatures to promote bacterial growth, and deposits left in the pipes, biofilms can find a home, protecting microbes from regular cleaning and most disinfectants on the market. This is why it is important to consult with your expert livestock health company in order to purchase the highest quality of disinfectant that will break down biofilm and help effectively disinfect the drinking trough system.

As well as using the highest grade of disinfectant when cleaning out any area of a poultry farm, it is also vital that you take a comprehensive approach to all aspects of cleaning and the processes in place. Poultry health should always be your priority and one way to ensure this is to take the same consistent approach no matter the number of animals present or the size of the farm. Routinely replace litter, clean and disinfect drinking troughs and feeders, and clean all surfaces thoroughly before the disinfectant process.

Taking this approach to poultry health in combination with an expert livestock health company supplying you with high-grade cleaning and disinfectant products will significantly reduce the risk of illness and infection. This isn’t always enough however, and alongside these cleaning protocols and processes it is vital that your poultry farm has a plan in place to deal effectively with an outbreak of illness or disease, preventing the fast spread to other parts of the farm. In the worst-case scenarios this can decimate entire poultry populations, causing havoc to the financial aspect of the business.

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