Know the Different Health Conditions That Require Anticoagulation Therapy Treatment

Anticoagulants or blood thinners, is a chemical substance that prevents or reduces the blood clots by extending the clotting period. There are many types of anticoagulants available such as heparin, rivaroxaban, apixabon, etc. Generally, anticoagulants will be used in therapies to treat many health issues like stroke, vein thrombosis, coagulation disorders, and more.

If you are facing one of these problems, then visit the best anticoagulation clinic that provides advanced treatment like bridge therapy, adjusts anticoagulation dosage, and more, to treat your problem with well experienced staff.

There are various health issues that need an anticoagulation therapy, let us discuss about few of them.

Anticoagulation therapy for different health conditions

Atrial Fibrillation

People suffering with atrail fibrillation will often experience irregular heartbeat, that is, the heart will not contract and relax in the normal way. With this, blood will get collected in their heart that leads to a blood clot. The possibility of blood clotting in these people will be higher compared to others.

Blood coagulation can be formed in anyplace in blood vessels and heart, especially heart chambers. Then, finally leads to ischemic stroke, in which blood clot travels from the heart to brain and prevents blood supply and oxygen to the brain. It is an emergency medical condition, which may cause disability or death.

The possibility of stroke in Afib patients will be 5 times more when compared to other people because of this reason doctors will suggest anticoagulation therapies to the patients. Anticoagulants will have antioxidants that are very useful to reverse blood clotting and thinning effects.

Vein thrombosis

It is generally known as DVT (Deep vein thrombosis), in this condition thrombus or blood clot will be formed in the deep veins of your body, mostly in legs. Usually, people suffering from vein thrombosis will experience some symptoms like swelling, pain, in your legs, redness on the affected region, etc.

Also, anticoagulation is very helpful for people who are suffering from pulmonary embolism and heart valve disease. Anticoagulation drugs like warfarin to prevent stroke and blood clotting, apixaban reduces the possibility of stroke, and many others.

If you are experiencing chest or heart pain, breathing problems, etc, then contact your doctor immediately. Your doctor conducts tests to decide whether you need anticoagulation treatment or some other. Also, provide your health history to your doctor, so that she or he can able to choose the suitable treatment for you.

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